AC Milan vs Napoli match has to be stopped for unbelievable reasons

The AC Milan vs Napoli match was halted for a few minutes by Rafael Leao, who hit the corner flagpole with a kick that shattered it.

In the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2022/23, AC Milan will play at home against Napoli. In the first half, the match had to be stopped for a few minutes due to an unexpected incident. In a quick AC Milan counterattack, Rafael Leao had a great opportunity to open the scoring, but he narrowly missed the post.

The Portuguese then vented his frustration by kicking the corner flagpole. Unbelievably, Leao’s kick caused the stick that had been erected at the corner flagpole to shatter into pieces. Almost immediately, fans on social media were surprised at the fragility of the stick placed in the corner of the San Siro pitch.

Rafael Leao kicks the corner flagpole
Rafael Leao’s kick caused the corner flagpole to break into pieces

One person wrote: “The corner flag at AC Milan is made of wet paper?”. While another asked: “What kind of material is the corner flag in Milan made of? It’s too easily damaged”, the third commented: “Leao’s kick wasn’t too strong, but look what happened.”

This incident caused the game to be interrupted for a few minutes, after which a stick with the flag on it was replaced. The match continued, and Ismael Bennacer scored the only goal in the 40th minute, helping Milan win 1-0. With the advantage of 1 goal, the San Siro team still needs to make a lot of efforts in the second leg.

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