“600 million transfer money is an expensive mistake of Chelsea”

Former player Michael Owen believes Chelsea have made a costly mistake with their £600m spending.

Chelsea were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Champions League by Real Madrid. After two matches, Chelsea lost with a total score of 0-4 and were completely inferior to Real.

Owen: 600 million transfer money is an expensive mistake of Chelsea

In the Premier League front, Chelsea is ranked 11th on the rankings. They are 17 points behind the top 4 and almost certainly will not be able to participate in the Champions League next season after the season has only 7 rounds left.

Chelsea have sacked two coaches, Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter, this season. Currently, the future of the team is extremely uncertain under interim coach Frank Lampard. In fact, Chelsea have also lost 4 games in a row under Lampard and are headed for a tragic end.

Chelsea spent £600 million in transfer money but did not bring about many positive results. And Owen thinks this is an expensive mistake of Chelsea.

“It is unbelievable with the volume of mistakes they have made by buying so many players. Now they will have to eliminate the players in the team. Some people won’t want to go, so you have to pay to let them go. This is an extremely expensive mistake.

They will have this problem lasting up to several years. There will be players that they want to push away but can’t. There are players who own large salaries with contracts lasting from 5 to 7 years. Who would spend a lot of money to buy players like that, especially with their huge salaries?”

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